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Final Results:

Task 1

The first task took place on Tuesday with no one doing major distances but with plenty of airtime for mostly everyone. The day winner was US Phillip Russman on board of his Advance Sigma 6, with a 21 km FAI triangle that got him 42 points.

Task 2

Wednesday turned into a fantastic flying day and the second task saw Dug Sundman (SE) beat the site's distance record with a fantastic flight in direction NW, landing W of Santiago City. Dug took his Advance Omega 7 for a 63 km ride that earned him 94.5 points, winning him the day and putting him on top of the stack at the Overall ranking. Dug also boosted his Dead Dog team to the first place in the Teams ranking!

Task 3

Terry Bono (US) won the day on board of his Ozone Addict with a 40 km flight along the classic NW route that earned him 60 points. Yoshiki Oka (JP) came in second on his DHV 1/2 Ozone Geo 2, beating the rest of the pack overall, with a 39 km flight along the same route.

Day 5 was cancelled due to poor conditions in the area as the day started with scattered rains. Day 6 was also canceller due to strong winds at takeoff.

And the winners are...

Category 1:

1st. Christos Karalis (GR- Up Profile 22)

Category 2:

1st. Yoshiki Oka (JP- Ozone Geo 2)
2nd. Ron Peck (US - Gin Zulu)
3rd. Chris Hopkins (AU - Gradient Golden 2)

Category 3:

1st. Philip Russman (US - Advance Sigma 6)
2nd. Erik Kolberg (US - Nova Ra)
3rd. Terry Bono (US - Ozone Addict)

Category 4:

1st. Dag Sundman (SE - Advance Omega 7)
2nd. Dale Covington (US - Gin Boomerang Sport)
3rd. Isabelle Laurent (FR - Up Trango 3)


1st. Dead Dog - Dag Sundman (SE), Carlo Borsattino (UK), Chris Hopkins (AU), Nancy Elliott (UK), Neil Furmidge (UK)

2nd. Blue - Philip Russman (US), Hakan Olsson (US), James Ohalloran (US), Duane Hebdige (US), Steven Robbins (US)

3rd. Northerners - Bill Mendenhall (US), Alex Heron (UK), Ray Kehl (US), John Caston (UK), Brian Pushman (GB)



Dug Sundman's flight...

The best flights of the comp...

Overall Ranking...


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